Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot?

With many more types of wedding photography and videography services being provided ( as there are more foreigners in Singapore getting married on top of Singaporeans), so there is more choices for you as well!

I’ll leave videography for another time, and meanwhile let’s just talk about wedding photography in Singapore.

Should you choose an indoor or outdoor shoot in Singapore? Well, if you haven’t been to Singapore often, it is a very warm and humid country – so you need to be mentally prepared that it will be normal if you perspire often here. This is also the reason why some couples opt for evening photography sessions instead.

Look, for outdoor wedding photography in Singapore (e.g. services by, this is much more common for pre wedding imagery sessions in Singapore – somehow, many people like having their photographs taking outdoors. Perhaps it’s the bright and colorful surroundings that people prefer as well as the vibrant city life that some people might like. Hence.

On the other hand, there are many couples who opt to have their wedding photography in Singapore taken inside a studio in the comfort of an air conditioned studio where they can take their own sweet time and not rush about and perspire like they just ran marathons or something like that.

In the end, it depends on your backdrop preference – how do you want your wedding photoshoot backdrop to be? Do you and your spouse prefer indoors or outdoors? In the end, you and your fiancee needs to make the final decision as to whether to take your wedding photographs indoors or outdoors.

Wedding Backdrops In Singapore

If you are looking for recommended wedding photographers in Singapore then you may want to check out Grandeur Wedding Studio.

If you are curious about where to have your photoshoot taken in Singapore and looking for beautiful backdrops, here are some suggestions which are popular to both locals as well as to foreigners to Singapore.

1) Botanic gardens of Singapore

This is one of the favorite hot spots for wedding photography in Singapore simply because it is very close to town and city area but is secluded at the same time and has nature as scenery and backdrop.

Many couples go to this area to take their photoshoots. There are not many people here even on weekends – the only catch is that virtually the entire place is outdoors so it’s either really warm out there or raining and you won’t get much shelter – so you really need to get a photographer who can understand that and accommodate – this is of course assuming you are looking for an outdoor photoshoot. Shimmery wedding photography has done a lot of wedding photo shoots here at Botanic gardens.

2) Marina Bay Sands

Being the commonly used skyline image of Singapore ever since its full construction, the Marina Bay Sands of Singapore has many popular areas for wedding photoshoots and one of the most popular ones which even Rihanna used was the rooftop pool. Here’s how it looks like.

mbs pool

It is simple to understand why many couples crave to go there to have their photographs taken – it has a beautiful backdrop and is so high up and calming because it’s quiet other than the occasional people who relax and suntan at the poolside – just make sure to go on a weekday and not a school holiday or peak time.

3) Gardens by the bay

gardens by the bay singapore wedding image

This futuristic looking garden right next to marina bay sands is a fantastic place to take your wedding photographs if you’re looking for something like Botanic Gardens but with an edgy touch to it as this Gardens has a lot of unique architecture that makes it look out of the world.

Just look at that image!

Singapore has many places to go to for your wedding photography – you just need to know where to look! If you want to leave it all to a bespoke wedding photography studio, you can safely leave it to Shimmery wedding photography studio in Singapore.

Taking Wedding Images In Singapore

Of course, there are definitely some people who say that Singapore is not romantic because of the hustle and bustle of the city island.

I beg to differ. In my opinion, if you were to get top photographers and beautiful wedding gowns from a good bridal gown company in Singapore your images will still look relatively impressive. Here’s the strong reasons why I think Singapore can be a great place for wedding photography.

Even for people who are ‘hipsters’ and want to be different, so vastly different – they can also go over to nearby islands such as Pulau Ubin to have their wedding photographs taken. There are many neighboring islands where one can go to – in fact, one of the most popular places is Sentosa in Singapore. That’s a upscale residential yet commercialized place as well and yet it has many beautiful beaches and nature places. Really, Sentosa is a great place to go to for your wedding photoshoot in Singapore – it’s essentially like a tiny tiny tiny Singapore.

Of course, you need to first find wedding photographers in Singapore.

After that happens, then you may want to decide with your spouse what type of backdrop you want to shoot against and the feeling you want your wedding images to portray.

Singapore has both the city landscape as well as rustic countryside landscape on nearby islands. So it clearly has the best of both worlds – additionally, you do not even have to move around much, the entire island is only 42 km apart.

With so many options in Singapore, your wedding photographs will definitely turn out exactly the way you want it to – especially when there are many talented professional wedding photographers Singapore you can find in Singapore.

cute wedding

Bringing Wedding Photos To Life

There is always this difference between photos which are simply good, and those which bring across the emotions felt by the subjects in the photograph.

That is also commonly termed as Korean style photoshoots and if you are getting married and if you happen to be looking for such a style for your wedding photo shoot. You can consider getting your Korean style wedding photography in Singapore with (you can email me for their contact or visit them) – they’re a studio with top wedding photographers takes great photos of couples.

Any wedding photographer can get the technical aspects of capturing a beautiful image. But not everyone can make it look amazingly rich with emotions, expressions and color.

What is the main difference between such images? The reason is very easy. Beautiful images have everyone sitting still and posing perfectly. Perfectly imperfect photos are usually candid photos but taken with perfect technical expertise and slight photo shop. This is a trick that only the top and most professional photographers will be capable of capturing.

You probably will only get married once. Capture each moment right. Get your wedding photography Singapore perfect. Remember them well. Take your wedding photographs with a skilled photographer in Singapore and you will love the experience and memories – especially when you can have both city and nature landscape when you take your wedding photoshoot in Singpaore

pre wedding

Wedding Photoshoots

Want to learn how to shoot amazing wedding photoshoots which can be dubbed as the best wedding photography in Singapore?

Susan Stripling is an amazing photographer who teaches people and motivates people on how to take images even in terrible locations. Make sure never to blame things like the environment, as you should know beforehand and make the necessary preparations for the lighting. Also, a good and professional photographer should know how to take images in virtually any kind of situation and environment.

After you watch the above video, you will realize that there are no excuses to taking beautiful images no matter where you are! And this is the case even when you are looking for inspiration of pretty wedding photos in the middle of nowhere. The best wedding photography in Singapore are captured with careful planning as well as candid inspiration. The best AD marriage photographers in Singapore that I know usually plan the best shots, and then after they have that at the back of their own minds, they go with their guts too to capture the truly amazing candid shots (this is for actual day wedding photography. For pre-wedding photoshoots, poses are specially thought of and planned very carefully… since that is the purpose of a pre-wedding photography session – to take posed images.)

Susan explains how you can take beautiful pictures against ‘bad’ environmental backdrops if you know how to make use of the lighting, environment as well as when you use some creativity! Acting on their feet is more important for AD photographers versus those who take pre-wedding shots.

Alright, even if you are not a marriage photographer in Singapore, and you are instead going to get married and are looking to get your photoshoot done by a professional instead, but accidentally stumbled upon my blog post, you might still want to watch the above video, so you know what to expect during the actual photography session and be more aware of which actions the photographer does will be good and/or bad for your images that will come out later.

candid photograph

4 Tips For Photographing People

Perhaps you’re into wedding photography or would like to enter this arena. You may want to read this post of mine in which I talk about photographing people – as the lighting of your ideal environment would be different and settings on your camera would be different as well if you want your images to turn out phenomenal looking.

Actual day wedding ceremonies are among the hardest things to photograph, as most of the shots have to be candid as the couple would be busy moving about and have little to no time to pose. So, you will have to make do with what the wedding ceremony is like and act according to the circumstances to capture the best images you can. The usual route for a professional bridal photographer is to learn as an assistant photographer with a reputable bridal studio with great mentors such as Grandeur wedding studios.

1) Utilize a longer lens effectively

When you use a longer lens, what happens is that it tends to have a more thinning effect for the people you are photographing. Also, this isolates the human subject from the background, making the image look better for people photography.

2) Aperture priority

By setting your camera to this mode, it will allow you to more effectively control the depth of field.

3) Can you say, “Candid camera!”

The best images look so natural yet carries across a lot of emotions. Candids are a great way to bring that feeling across. There are several ways to get candid shots. One is to sit back, observe and take photos discreetly so that the people and subjects are not aware when you are taking exactly and will tend to express themselves more naturally. This is a common method used by wedding photographers when taking wedding photography Singapore.

You can also talk to the people and try to illicit the intended emotions you want to capture in your subjects.

4) Use a wide angle

If you want to have natural elements in your picture, then it will be good to make use of a wide angle. This way, it can add to the look of the photograph versus having only the human as part of the picture.

amazing pictures

Beautiful Images – Best Of Photography

Here is a break from the usual talk by me about wedding photographs.

Some of the above images will definitely blow your mind away.

Some may think photographers are hipsters or ‘know-it-all’ or ‘too cool’, but they are really just people with a passion.

That is why you see commercial, maternity and several other types of professionals. Of course, some are amateur or only hobbyists, but if you wish to pick up this hobby, it is much cheaper now than in the past as photos can be stored digitally versus the past where you had to print everything out. (If you want to learn how to be more professional, check out my previous post on how to get richer colors in images to make them look more beautiful)

With that said, enjoy the above video!

rich colors photo

Getting Rich Colors In Photography

For best results, you should ensure that the exposure level set to create the camera profiles are made under the same conditions of lighting that subsequent shots will be made in.

Now, you use two exposures of the same target but under different light temperatures. By making use of this, you can create a dual camera profile which will be able to be utilized for exposures across a huge variety of light temperature.

Profile it once and things will work much smoother for subsequent rounds.

Make use of filters:

– Graduated neutral density filter
– Circular polarizer

Remember things about lighting as that is the absolute key to taking great photographs. Soft versus hard lighting and diffused versus point etc.

Or if you still cannot figure anything out, then simply look for good mentor(s) to get them to teach you how to take great photographs.

You can check out some baby photo shoot in Singapore to see how soft and hard lighting is used on baby as their skin are the smoothest and you will be able to practise and learn from there.

If you want to push your photography skills to the maximum then check out wedding photo shoots. These are the hardest to perfect as the clients have the highest requirements for such shoots and are very demanding. Some clients are also demanding even when it comes to just photographs of their bridal car rental. Clients have extremely high expectations for wedding photographers because it is probably the most important day in the couple’s lives! This means that the wedding photographers are usually the best in their field before taking on such married couples as their clients.

Take a look at how wedding photographs make use of their surrounding and artificial lighting to create the best photos and you will be able to perform well in any kind of settings and capture and then edit to create the best photograph the entire Singapore has ever seen and perhaps win some wedding photography prizes while you are at your noble hobby!

Enjoy and best of luck with your photography!